The Ticket Podcast

The Ticket Podcast is a motivational and education podcast created to inspire people to chase their dreams and achieve their professional and life goals. The Ticket Podcast will be hosted by Sports Business & Leadership Association President, NFL Agent, Attorney, and former Ohio State University Football and Lacrosse Player David Lisko and SBLA Tampa Bay Chapter President, Tech Entrepreneur, Air Force Captain, and former Air Force Academy Starting Quarterback Connor Dietz. Guest hosts will include thought and community leaders involved with the Sports Business & Leadership Association. All Ticket Podcast content will be created and owned by Ticket Productions, LLC and licensed at no cost to the Sports Business & Leadership Association. Ticket Productions, LLC indemnifies the Sports Business & Leadership Association to the fullest extent possible in relation to the Ticket Podcasts.

On the Ticket Podcasts, hosts will interview individuals who have achieved professional and life success, in part, because of their sports experiences. Interviews will focus on how sports teaches people to overcome adversity, unite, and become champions. The Ticket Podcasts will focus on how sports gives people hope and brings people together. In a social media and culture that oftentimes appears artificial and/or manufactured, the Ticket Podcasts will offer truth and reality. The Ticket Podcasts will be suitable for all viewers, including children. All guests, topics, and subject matters will be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Sponsors of the Ticket Podcasts are people, companies, and organizations whose values align with Ticket Productions, LLC and the Sports Business & Leadership Association. On every Ticket Podcast the hosts will encourage donations to the Sports Business & Leadership Association and highlight designated sponsors.

Every interviewee on the Ticket Podcast will be asked:

  1. How has the lessons you learned from sports helped you achieve professional/life success? 
  2. What motivates you to get back up when you get knocked down? 
  3. If you could tell anything to your high school self what would it be?
  4. What are a couple of traits you took from your parents, favorite coaches, or mentors that have helped you achieve business/life success?
  5. What is your message to people listening to this podcast that have either lost hope or are struggling with being confident in who they are?