Dear SBLA Members:

I hope that you all are healthy and hanging tough during these challenging and unprecedented times. I don’t think it is possible to accurately say when life will get back to normal and the SBLA will be able to have events again. Our good work is on hold for a little bit. That being said, we have created fantastic memories in the minds of hundreds of children over the past couple of years and I am sure those memories are helping those kids get through what must be very boring days for them now. Even though our events are temporarily on hold, we are still making a difference. Check out the pictures of a girl named Savannah that we have been supporting for several years now. Savannah’s father is an enlisted soldier in the USAF. Savannah’s dream is to play college softball, but some of the things that give girls she is competing against an advantage, like playing AAU travel softball and gear to train at home, are not available to most families. The SBLA has sponsored Savannah to play travel softball, we have taken Savannah to multiple sporting events, and when we found out she could not train during the Covid-19 crisis we provided her gear so that she could train and get better on her own. We are making the world a better place. I hope to see you all again soon once things get back to normal.